Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Fairlop Orient?

A 'report' in The Sun yesterday (8/12/09), found here, has highlighted the possibilty of Leyton Orient re-locating to Fairlop Waters.

This has obviously kicked off loads of gossip amongst Orient fans such as myself, but I wonder what the residents of Redbridge make of this article and the likelihood of this happening?


  1. Well, well, well, there is no fire without smoke? (sic!).
    I remember a colloquial sentence, regarding the sale of the allotments, when we were told: 'Don't bother to argue because it' s a done deal!'.We bothered to argue and the 'done deal' was undone. I wonder who was involved in the confidential talks at the time as far as the allotment sites changing hands?
    Also, because my mind is now warped, would we perhaps be sent on a false trail (Fairlop Waters) whilst the real target is somewhere else, not that far?
    Politics and business,... : Murky Waters.

  2. "would we perhaps be sent on a false trail (Fairlop Waters) whilst the real target is somewhere else, not that far?"

    This is very much along the lines of what many fans have been saying. After the racecourse was turned down the chances of a stadium being built are next to nil I would imagine.

  3. There is quite a lot of council owned land on Fairlop Plain which is not Fairlop Waters.

  4. Apparently, according to the "Conversation" the most most popular way for Redbridge to make money was to sell land! Sell Sell Sell!

  5. I repeat the comment I made under "Oakfield Developments":

    The following appeared on the Redbridge Council Website:


    "Redbridge Council regularly talks to a wide range of companies about development opportunities in the Borough. We are aware Leyton Orient is interested in relocating to Redbridge but have not had any formal approach about Fairlop Waters or any other site in the Borough. We would need to see a firm proposal before considering the idea, and any development proposal would be the subject of wide public consultation. The Leader of the Council has categorically stated that Leyton Orient will not be going to Fairlop Waters.”

    Who started the rumour, that The O's may be coming to Redbridge, that the Leader of the Council has felt the need to deny and where else could they possibly be "relocating to". Oakfield?

    Should 'Redbridge Eye' be talking to Leyton Orient F.C.? (only joking!)

  6. Barry Hearn is particularly good at starting rumours. This time last year the story was that we were going to move to Harlow.

    I was surprised that Redbridge Council released a statement though, considering that it started from a small article in The Sun and lots of online gossip of if, buts and maybe's from Orient fans.

  7. Councillor Prince quoted in the "Ilford Recorder" Thursday 10th December, in denying any connection with Fairlop Waters:

    "There are probably a few sites in the borough that may be of interest to Leyton Orient FC ....."

    So, where might they be, then?