Thursday, 31 December 2009

Parish Notice

I have added Ray Frensham’s blog to the list in the side bar. If there are any other blogs or links you think should be up there please let me know.

If there is anyone you would like to invite on to this blog also please let me know, via email. I would need their email to send an invitation.

Happy New Year to one and all.

Don’t let the bankers grind you down.

This is from Ray’s last post.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Nearly 500 local authorities and associated bodies will be legally required from next year to publish annual pay information including salaries, bonuses, pensions, perks and severance pay-offs.At least 300 chief executives, chief constables and other officials earning more than £150,000 will be named, and their salaries disclosed within a £5,000 band. Authorities will also have to publish information on how many employees they have earning more than £50,000, and give details of their salaries in £5,000 bands, although their names will not be disclosed.

Redbridge appear to have ducked or delayed at least 2 requests from the Taxpayers Alliance to provide this information, prizes for the best excuse they will find to avoid their legal obligation next year.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Recycling Opportunity

Surplus Ethernet (Network) Patch Cords

I have a number of surplus, good quality, Ethernet (Network) patch cables, brand new and unused, which are surplus to requirements.

Rather than throw them away, I would be happy to pass them onto any local school or charity, etc., who might be able to make use of them.

PLEASE NOTE that these are NOT USB cables!


Cat 5 screened patch cable + 2 x RJ45 male connectors
Length: 12 ft (3.7m) approx
Status: Unused in original packaging
colour: Yellow
Manufacturer: FOXCONN
Cisco Part No.: 72-1501-01

If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail, (not PM) giving your details, to this address:

Please include details of the number you might need - I will have to do a bit of digging to track down all the cables I've got!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Public v Private

Following on from the previous post about the snow and gritting and the comments on “Redbridge is Ready for Winter” thread on Red-i, I thought I’d let you know that we are not alone.

This evening’s Premiership match between Wigan and Bolton has been postponed. Not because the pitch is unplayable, but because the roads leading to the ground are unwalkable.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Health and Saftey - where's my cushion?

Hi - Noticed this morning a new bit of paper on the gate to the Park next door, so sent hubby out to find out - apparently we must take care when walking in the park as many of the paths are slippery ( so the sign says) - this might be why an ambulance was up by the Mansion earlier. So you have been warned, sarcasm aside that snow and ice can be slippery.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Redbridge Children's Services "Adequate"

Children’s services in the London Borough of Redbridge perform adequately.

That's the verdict of Ofsted's Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) Divisional Manager in the annual rating of Children's Services according to the letter sent to the Director of Redbridge Children's Services on 9th December 2009. A recent unannounced inspection found that the borough needed to improve some key front line services for children in need.The CAA found that difficulties in recruitment and retention; and lack of clarity between agencies over referrals has led to unnecessary stress for some families in the borough.

On the flip-side The letter states that a

"higher than average proportion of primary, secondary, special schools and school sixth forms are good or outstanding".


"Post-16 provision is outstanding in just under a half of school sixth forms".

Although there are some positive points I can't help being very concerned for some vulnerable children in Redbridge. Let's hope next year's CAA report will show a marked improvement.

You can read the letter and all Ofsted reports for Children's Services in Redbridge here:

Inspection reports by provision type in Redbridge local authority

Thursday, 10 December 2009

It Gets Worse

Now that they have killed the main Forum on Red-i they have now killed "Ask My Neighbour".

This feature is no longer borough wide. You have to log in to see it and you only see questions from within 1Km. Link

That's it. I've had enough of this nonsense.

I have left the building. I suggest you do the same.

Let them wallow in their own incompetence. Let them talk to themselves.

Save King George Hospital

So, thanks to Dopeyf we now know that Redbridge-i’s “Triple A” rating is a sham via "The Pickards" blog. But we didn’t need to be told that did we? We know that the management of the “Website Hospital” haven’t got a clue how the internet works and the long suffering front line care staff [who do!] just have to get on with it.

And bringing in another favourite topic on this site, the lack of any A&E e-petition facility provided by the “award winning” Redbridge-i site for the way it “engages” with the community, I thought I’d have a look round on the webby to see what freebies are out there.

One of our members, Wilson, has already started one. It’s with i-petitions. But this one allows you to sign twice with the same email address.

I found much more robust. It does not allow the same email address to be used twice and it has word verification to stop spam signatures. It’s a bit slow though. Anyway I’ve put one up there too, just to show them it can be done. Neither of them send an email asking for confirmation like the Number 10 petition website, but hey, we are amateurs. It’s all we’ve got so let’s use it.

Wilson’s petition

RedEye’s petition

Also Wilson has arranged a multi-party, multi-agency Protest on Saturday 9th January 2010, 12:00 – 14:00 in Ilford Town Centre to the fore of Ilford Town Hall. MP Lee Scott has confirmed attendance.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A & E Consultation Free & Fair?

This just cropped up in the Guardian on line today at 5.17 pm

Guardian on line article

Don't forget that Redbridge-i has published a forum topc on this debate also. You can see it here:

RiV2 A and E Forum Topic

Fairlop Orient?

A 'report' in The Sun yesterday (8/12/09), found here, has highlighted the possibilty of Leyton Orient re-locating to Fairlop Waters.

This has obviously kicked off loads of gossip amongst Orient fans such as myself, but I wonder what the residents of Redbridge make of this article and the likelihood of this happening?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Redbridge-i website - Award Winning? Search for the Truth.

I just tried the Redbridge-i search facility and it appears to be working! This was after many complaints by on-line community users that the facility just doesn't work.

Looks like if enough people do report bugs and errors repeatedly something gets done about them.

In a report out today Redbridge is praised for the Redbridge-i website by the Audit Commission in the latest Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA).

Have a look at the Guardian on-line today: Red-i article

Also - there is a large article in the December issue (p.14) of "Redbridge Life" - read it here: Redbridge Life - Page 14

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Redbridge-i Forum Topic Moderation

Whilst I agree in principle to "moderated" forums, I would like to express my opinion that forum content moderation times should not be restricted to weekday hours of 8am til 6pm. My reasoning behind this view is that evening and weekend time is when many forum and internet users are likely to be on line and want to express views. By restricting the times to office hours only the act of "community engagement" is stifled during these times. In my opinion during the stifled hours there could be many citizens replying, commenting and even expressing opinions, but who are totally oblivious of what others are saying because their comments have to be approved. In effect the expressed views and comments of the citizens of Redbridge cannot be shared between the hours of 6 pm Friday until they come home from work on Monday evening! Surely this is not in the spirit of "community engagement" in this age of the internet is it?

Take for example the recet NHS North East London Health proposals and consultation. OK we have a number of weeks, but the debate is not really open at weekends or evenings is it? To put up a forum topic on a friday at 1.30 pm or there abouts, and then close comments until Monday morning is proposterous in my opinion! The moderation policiy needs to be reviewed in my opinion, and I cite the NHS forum topic as a reason to do so.

I propose, instead, a self-moderation culture, where citizens can report comments as offensive by clicking a button. Then the moderation team can look at it and make a decision.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Have your say - NHS forum topic - LIVE!

Redbridge i have put up a new NHS discussion topic on their website.

Here's the Redbridge-i link:

NHS Consultation

Grove Farm Development refused

The Grove Farm development has been refused again. Finally our councillors are working together to improve our local quality of life.

Read more here:

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Oakfield "Developments"

The above Public Notice appeared in the December 3rd. Edition of the "Ilford Recorder".

There has been publicity recently concerning the Badminton/Netball facility to be built on land adjacent to the railway line within the leased boundaries of Redbridge Sports Centre. The situation regarding the move of the Frenford Clubs from Cricklefield and Oakfield to the former PLA site is also a matter of public record.

Is the proposed disposal of 12.5 acres (in order to build the Badminton/Netball facility) contingent upon the release of other land at Oakfield in order to make up a larger parcel of land and what is the effect on this proposed disposal of any failure to negotiate developments at Cricklefield? (Lord Rowallan et al)

I have e-mailed requesting clarification and would suggest that others do so.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

North East London Health Consultation

As Redbridge-i removed the new forum discussion I saw earlier I shall give you the link to the NHS consultation page. When you get to the page scroll down and at the bottom you will see both an on line questionnaire and the full consultation document for download. Here's the link:

North East London Health Consultation

North East London Health Consultation

Redbridge i has put up a forum discussion topic on the above subject.
All details are in the topic.
website link is here:

North East London Health Consultation Redbridge i forum discussion thread.