Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What we need is ....

.... a great big Melting Pot, big enough to take the World and all it's got (Blue Mink)

You may have received an e-mail (probably because you had a log-in id to Red i One) inviting you to participate in a "Consultation" and directing you here ....

I am not going to influence or prejudice what anyone else may think of this tosh but I am profoundly sceptical of anything to do with "Community Cohesion" that refers to "Diversity" so many times.

I have completed the questionnaire and would be interested in what others may think of it.


  1. Any prizes for nominations to boil in the pot?

  2. No - suggesting nominations.

    I'll make one - Nick Giffin.

  3. I have now had a look at the "consultations". What a lot of geriatric boot-menders (ie old cobblers).