Friday, 20 November 2009

RiV2 Receives First Award

Comment from KingRat on the council leader's blog:
I reproduce it in full below, as well as the link, as these things have a habit of disappearing off the Redi site.

What “new range of features”?
As far as I’m concerned the website has taken a huge backward step.
The only semi democratic voice that the people had between elections has been severly curtailed!
The forums were a vital part of the democratic process.
It is quite clear from the reorganisation of the website that the council is not interested in freedom of speach, at least not on THEIR website.
The council should be ashamed!
We pay the bills AND YOUR WAGES, at least give us freedom of speech and the right to comment on council policy!


  1. I doubt that even the Stasi or the KGB curtailed free speech to the extent that Redbridge-i does. That they use our money to pay for it is an outrageous scandal.

  2. I note with interest that the number of categories under which it is possible to "Report It" has been reduced.

    Could this be because a particular category was TOO popular!!

  3. Anyone know how to report Redbridge I to the Trading Standards Officer under the Trades Description Act?
    The site still does not work properly with Internet Explorer 8 launched in March and shipped with probably 11 million units in uk, even Bill Gates would not be this stupid!

  4. Be careful, Dopey, there are problems with I.E.8 and some websites (my bank, for example) are issuing disclaimers that the site may not work "correctly" with I.E.8

    Having said that, before contacting Trading Standards (now part of Public Protection), you must raise the issue with the department responsible for the "product" (i.e. the website) and then with the Chief Executive. If you consider their responses unsatisfactory then approach Trading Standards with copies of those responses.

  5. Well neighbourhoodwatcher, your Bank and Redbridge I both have something in common, taking government money and wasting it.

  6. For the record, my bank is one that did NOT receive any bail-out money!

  7. For dopeyf and any others who may need to know - it would appear that what was "Public Protection" is now known as "Community Safety" and this encompasses Trading Standards (what's in a name? ... a rose by any other name still needs the same amount of manure).

    Link here: