Sunday, 15 November 2009

RiV2 Forum Explained

Well, that’s another fine mess……

On 23rd October 2009 the Chief Executive of Redbridge wrote:

"All topics and threads will be set by the council...."

On 2nd November 2009, two days late, RiV2 went live and we found that members could start new topics and threads. Several were started that day.

On Tuesday 3rd November at 10:43am Redimanager posted [in a new thread]
Due to an unforeseen technical problem, we are currently unable to provide full message posting functionality to our forum discussion threads.
Users wishing to post a message, please use the Show Quick Reply facility at the bottom of the page, under the last post. This will open a Quick Reply box. When you have entered your message, simply click on the post button and your message will be submitted for moderation.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we are working hard to resolve the technical problem.
Translation: The "unforeseen technical problem" is that members could start new threads and topics which is precisely what ‘they’, whoever ‘they’ may be, don’t want. However, this is what forums are designed for and there have been NO CHANGES to this part of Redbridge-i on RiV2. Forum software is pretty bog standard and is NOT designed for this type of control. So, my guess is that the RediTeam could not withdraw just that option and were forced to withdraw ALL the facilities including ‘reply’ and ‘quote’ leaving just ‘quick reply’.

They could not just reject any post that started a new thread because that would be advertising a facility which is not acceptable or available and would have produced a lot of unhappy customers.

The problem now is that anyone who hasn’t seen Redimanager’s post above and hits reply or quote will get an "access denied" message and bugger off.

Redimanager has been asked to create a new thread on King George Hospital but has not done so, presumably under instructions. We KNOW she can create a new thread even with the "unforeseen technical problem" because she did so with the above post.

R.I.P. RiV2 Forum


  1. Chapeau bas to weggis, he is a technical wizzard.
    I wonder if the redimanager has an FEG of him and sticks pins in it?
    Another point I wish to make is: is clarification what you do to claret when you stick it in a decanter rather than drink straight from the bottle?
    Or is it what you do to butter when you heat it and let the solids rise to the surface?
    Whatever, it is, it takes a long time.
    But then, you appreciate the difference.
    Will we?

  2. Oh I think Redimanager may well have some FEGs but of those who are not listening to her advice.