Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Pledge

Following on from the previous post there is also a facility to make a Pledge. I did. It read:

I will not criticise the council for one whole week but only if 10 local councillors will make an appearance on the RiV2 forums between now and end November.

It has been removed and I received this:

You, or someone from this email address, recently submitted an item titled notcriticise the Council for one whole week to the Redbridge web site. We have reviewed this item and believe that it is inappropriate as a pledge. The form of a pledge is I will do X if Y will join me. Your pledge does meet this format, as there is no measure of success. Your peldge is not in the community spirit of why the Pledgebank was created. For full details of what we will and will not publish please review our terms and conditions. Thank you. Redbridge i Admin.

Well, I thought I was being quite reasonable.


  1. "no measure of success."

    An admission that the RiV2 forums will not be functioning correctly by end November?

  2. So .... why not re-word your Pledge to conform to the 'Rules' and see if you get it accepted?

    If not .... there is a facility for registering a complaint!

  3. Was the reply copied and pasted?

    The reply should contain the word (NOT) as in your pledge does (NOT) meet this format, as here (there?) is no community spirit.......your peldge (pledge?)is not in the community spirit....

    Gives you an idea of tha 'caliber' of 'officer' who is given the important job of 'vetting' comments.

    Edukashun..Edukasion..Educ...(I give up)

  4. Err..maybe *the* 'caliber'..ha ha ha

  5. "Was the reply copied and pasted?"
    Yes! But I have to confess that the "here/there" error was mine during formatting - corrected in post.

    Of course amereprole, you could have deleted your original comment and replaced it with a new version! You can do that here you know?

  6. Neighbourhood watcher,
    almost missed your comment.
    I'm having difficulty in rewording it, but I have submitted another one.