Monday, 30 November 2009

Parish Notice

Just noticed this footer on each page of the main Red-i “forum”

Clean Slate theme by Jaben Cargman (Tiny Gecko)
YetAnotherForum.NET: Just another forum?
Online business in the new economy now requires community and social networking avenues. Yet Another Forum.NET is a high end open source .NET based forum created in 2003. Because of it's maturity, YAF is considered a stable and secure forum perfect for businesses who need a community presence with ample room to grow. Tiny Gecko offers Yet Another Forum.NET services including support, integration, customization, theme creation and plug-in creation.
clean slate - an opportunity to start over without prejudice.

Forum - a public meeting or assembly for open discussion

- A public meeting place for open discussion.

- a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest

It is now a month since RiV2 and this site were launched. Since the removal, early on, of the facility to create new threads there has been little activity on the Redi “forum”. At the same time they have also ruined the rather useful search facility, where we could bring up the last 25 posts [perhaps they don’t want to be embarrassed], so it is more difficult for an outside user to see overall usage. But from memory only about 3 of the 27,193 registered members [excluding Redimanager] have made a contribution over the last 3 weeks.

The internal Private Message system doesn’t work. Personal Profiles keep disappearing.

I’m sure Tiny Gecko will be jolly pleased with this wonderful advertisement for his product, don’tcha think?


  1. Looks like a standard template for a premade open source forum project, although I can't believe it hasn't been tweaked heavily for use in this borough.
    Anyway, the point is about the functionality really, rather than how it looks in my opinion. I agree with you there because when I was trying to send the Redimanager a reply to a message he had sent to me, it said my mailbox was full when I only had one thing in it! The search facility doesn't work on any page I've used it! I keep trying and it just jumps to the main page again, rendering it useless!

    Oh dear!

  2. Mark said:-

    "when I was trying to send the Redimanager a reply to a message he had sent to me ..."

    Oh my! She WILL be happy when SHE checks this blog in the morning!

  3. How do we know the redimanager is a she?
    I know we know but only via the telephone bush!
    Of course, sometimes, the PMs sent to you to tell you why you have been censored are signed Angela, so we might be forgiven for putting two & two together!