Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Missing Post

No, not the sort that doesn’t get published on, or just disappears for no reason from, the now moribund Redbridge-i Forum. I’m talking about a Width Restriction Post that went missing. Last time it was the one on the right, [see picture] and this time it was the one on the left.

I looked on the Red-i ‘Report it’ section and there is nowhere there to report such incidents. So, I just did what I did last time and emailed the Area 3 Lead Officer, who I won’t name for fear of embarrassment, on the 9th November 2009. He replied immediately having passed the report to the reactive maintenance section.

A new post was installed sometime between yesterday afternoon [16th] and this morning [17th]. That’s a week or 5 working days. I have emailed to confirm the post is in place with my thanks.

Of course, now that the "Award" winning website RiV2 has been censored into oblivion they are not going to get any bouquets or commendations on there either. But that doesn’t stop us recording good work here when we see it.

This is not just a whinge blog. But such examples should be help up as a benchmark of achievement.


  1. I suspect those posts, placed there as part of the width restricion arrangements, are not much liked by white van man and become targets. CCTV anybody?

  2. I would have reported that under the category of "missing road markings".

  3. "A missing post" - well-known characteristic of Redbridge-i Forum.

  4. It's not so much a missing post as hooray, we have a post but, surprise, surprise, the latest contribution is giving them some guidelines which will amuse them and not bother them in the least.
    Redbridge council's motto is definitely not the 'listening council'!
    However the latest moan by etoc something has not been deleted yet.
    Could etoc join us?

  5. Weggis - we don't know if reporting it as "MISSING ROAD MARKINGS" would have worked or not but we certainly won't know if we don't even try!

    I do know someone who has reported missing road markings and has been promised a progress report by e-mail. We shall see if that happens.