Tuesday, 10 November 2009

It’s Fun Time

Back in September there was a launch of a new Interwebby feature called "SideWiki". See Media Guardian, and here is what Google have to say about it.

All you gotta do is download and install the new Google toolbar with SideWiki for your browser. Once this is up and you visit a site just click on "SideWiki" on the toolbar and up will pop a left hand side bar containing comments and thoughts about that webpage by the users/readers of that webpage.

If you have a Google account, as all the members here do, you too can post comments about the content of a webpage or website, including this one, even if you are not a member. And there is nothing the website owner can do about it.

So, we can make comments about what we think of Redbridge-i Forum on SideWiki and Redimanager can’t censor or delete them. Anyone who accesses the site and has SideWiki installed will be able to see what we think of it. But equally she and others can make comments about us here and we can’t censor them. Be nice now!

Nestle have been getting some stick.
And so has The Sun


  1. SideWiki may not work depending on which Browser you have.

    If you have Internet Explorer v. 7 or 8 AND you have a Spyware Detection program that uses methods inside the browser then SideWiki is treated as hostile and your browser freezes. It can also cause an Address Error in the Spyware Detection program.

  2. So you can't REALLY improve upon pencil and paper then can you?