Thursday, 5 November 2009

It Ain't All Bad!!

YES - you have seen this photo before. Someone has agreed that the lack of any legible road marking is not "de minimis" after all and something is being done about it. How was this achieved?

Well, according to my co-respondent, the new Red i proved very useful!

On the Red i V2 Home page or as part of "Have Your Say", there is a "Report It" facility that includes worn-out road markings. There is a list of stuff such as Dog Fouling, missed Collections and so on. Well worth a look.

You fill out the details, being as accurate as possible about location, give a phone number and an e-mail address, if you have both, and you will receive a phone call requesting clarification of details, followed by an e-mail, after a site visit by The Council if necessary, giving a reference number and promising to notify you of progress! Wonderful stuff!

So, Citizens, get Reporting!

Let us know how you got on. 'They' may be keen as it is all fairly new but we will not make things happen by ignoring the means.

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