Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Freaky Friday

Get a load of this. Redbridge is to stage its own version of the Movie Freaky Friday when the Council Leader and Redimanager swap roles for a few hours on Friday week.
Have your say...the Council's listening

Redbridge Council has launched an initiative called “Have your say...we're listening”, which is designed to provide opportunities for residents to suggest improvements to Council services or their neighbourhood. More……
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


  1. Every little helps......

    "....we're listening". Like they did with the Great CONversation? And we're only waiting to know the funeral date for Redbridge-i, that seems to have died on 28 October - 3 weeks ago. They didn't much listen about that either, most cabinet members and senior officers studiously avoiding any attempt to respond to points made. And if any of them reads this blog, they need to understand that their contemptible attitude was the genesis for this blog.

  2. An old French 'saying' for Morris to translate:
    'A malin, malin et demi!'
    I wish I could get inside the brains of the thinkers of the reborn version of the Redi. Are they congratulating themselves?
    Have they reached their objectives?
    (Whatever these were?)