Monday, 16 November 2009

Crime statistics for Redbridge

Last night my neighbour's house was burgled. Thankfully she is ok and the intruder was disturbed and ran off. This got me thinking about crime statistics for Redbridge so I started looking around. If you want to see the stats for Redbridge go to the following web address and find Redbridge on the map. Click on it and you get all crime statistics. You can also search just for crime statistics in your ward if you enter your post code in the box provided.

Anyone got any views on this topic and about how we can make Redbridge a safer place?


  1. It is important to recognise that the crime stats refer only to REPORTED crime. So, if you report one to the police make sure you obtain a crimebook number from them. Then you can be reasonably certain it will be included in the stats.

  2. Good point, and yes she did get a crime reference number / incident number from the Police. In this instance they were quick to arrive on the scene and supply the reference / incident number as soon as they got back to the station.

  3. I regularly use the Met website but I find that the "sub-ward" areas are too large to identify crimes that may have occurred within a Watch Area for example.

    It used to be the case that Watch Co-ordinators were sent a summary of crime stats for their postcodes but this fell by the wayside when that system cracked up due to old age.

    I feel that there is still a need for this kind of reporting and will keep lobbying for it.

  4. Errm...HERE's a diffrent story of crime in Redbridge..these are home office figures, yet the address bar cannot be copied and pasted, the address had to be entred manually....

  5. Interesting ...

    ... I think the copy and paste problem may be a problem with this blog - which seems to be running very slowly at the moment ...

    ... I found that I could copy and paste the link anywhere, like Notepad, for example, but not here. So I typed test into Notepad and copied it - again no joy. At this point, the blog reset itself and, and when it returned, my attempted post had vanished faster than with RiV2 moderation!

    I tried again - no joy. I have a toolbar which is useful for adding html, so I clicked on the 'insert link' icon, but nothing happened! I started re-writing this reply and, after a while, a prompt to insert my link popped up! I pasted the link but nothing happened, so I continued typing. Then, after a delay, a prompt to name my link appeared, which I dealt with - but nothing happened, so I carried on until, lo and behold, this link popped up!


    Now, back to the plot ...

    ... the figures returned are for the borough as a whole - only the profile varies if you change the PostCode

  6. Whatever was causing the copy and paste problem has gone away now. Admittedly I've rebooted my PC in the meantime but it's strange that amereprole had the same problem ...

  7. Thanks amereprole,
    I looked up the link you added and yes, as pojnted out by Knowsie, the figures are those for the borough, whereas the Met crime stats do offer a ward by ward stat set.

    I have also emailed my watch coordinator to ask about figures for our watch area. If he replies with anything interesting I shall post here.