Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cllr Answers Question - Shock!

There is also an "Ask your Neighbours" facility on Red-i

And - shock - two Councillors have answered questions. I will name and shame them. They are Ken Turner and Vanessa Cole, pictured.

You never know, they could just join those other two renegades who have actually engaged with residents on the main red-i forums. I'll name and shame them too! They are Hugh Cleaver and Ian Bond. Perhaps I should invite them onto this blog?


  1. I would have thought recommending a tradesman on a public forum was pretty unusual!
    But I am sure the moderators would have viewed this with eagle eyes!

  2. I am copying in a comment to my neigbours section on the new redbridge website. The comment referred to the request of suggestions to improve Barkingside Recreation Ground, by Cllr Moth:

    I understand reguser's being disgruntled at the lack of positive response to a reasonable request by the much respected chairman of Area 3, however, I know that, previoulsy, requests were made for improvements to the security of the site and that the standard response was no money.
    Of course, Julie Bradley is right and painting the railings would be a good start. But, perhaps they are rusty and need replacing and we are talking a lot of money, again!. Now, if they do repaint the railings, could they paint them totally black and not dip the tops in gold as they have done at the gardens next to the entrance to Sainbsbury's on Eastern Avenue. That is odd!
    Another point is that this new redbridge i is very circumvoluted. I only stumble on posts by chance. The other forum display was heavily criticised for unclear choice of posts highlighted and fearsome moderation but this new one is clouded in fog!
    annesevant (and could we have a preview facility, please!)

  3. I think you should invite all 63, perhaps some of them would be able to explain some of the more perverse decisions taken in the borough, I would be happy for it to become a councilors forum, dispel the secrecy.

  4. Again, I am double posting, just to keep a record of my rejected posts on the forum!
    This was posted in the What was wrong with the old forum' section.

    {Today, I saw a brief appearance from terryc, at the lefthand side bottom of the page!
    This is a bit like the Pantomime: a glimpse of a shadow, but never the real thing!
    Please terryc, tell us who you are and what your contributions are! I did a 'search' on you and,... you are obliterated,a lot!
    Good luck in your efforts]

  5. Strange - I've just read it!

    Posted about 3 minutes earlier than your post here:

    Posted: 13 November 2009 10:35:49

    Perhaps it was delayed ...

    Terry (and no, I don't post as terryc!)

  6. I got my answer!
    [You, or someone from this email address, recently submitted an Ask My Neighbour question titled Some people are asking valid questions (like the one about dodgy builders down the road, wrecking somebody's property) and nobody (apart from me) is bothered to answer.
    Anybody up there will check? I know what I think will happen delete me!
    We have reviewed this item and believe that it is inappropriate for our web site. Your submission is a comment not a question Anne. For full details of what we will and will not publish please review our terms and conditions. Thank you. Redbridge i Admin ]

    Now, there are some English people reading this blog. I feel I asked a question. At least I put a question mark in there?
    Any comments? ( Mercifully, comments are allowed on this blog!)

  7. But do they actually "delete" the questions, or just remove the link to it?

    See here.

  8. Well, just for the sake of trying to avoid regional restrictions on the official redbridge website, I used a different postcode and I did manage to add a comment when, technically, I did not think I could. Now, is it a new freer approach to freedom of expression or was there a little hole in the fence? Not that it matters, it's just too time consuming to keep logging out and imputting somebody else's postcode.
    I just cannot understand the motivation behind the 1km rule. I asked and asked but, nobody wants to own-up to censorship!
    ps: I have just watched Alice in Wonderland on Channel 5. So English, so entertaining!