Friday, 30 October 2009

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Redbridge-i is dead, long live Redbridge Eye

Redbridge-i is about to be re-launched. What they are NOT saying is this:

Oh and what Redimanager’s post didn’t say:
All topics and threads will be set by the council and will be strictly managed within the following categories:
· Corporate consultation (including large planning applications where appropriate)
· Scrutiny Panel work programme topics (where wider public engagement is desired)
· Local News (provides a facility for users to comment on council news stories)
· Online services feedback channel (as exists currently for online services such as e-admissions)
· About Redbridgei – a channel for information about the site and user comments and suggestions as to how it could be further improved.
· Hot topics – high profile/ popular subjects for which there may be considerable demand locally.

Extract from leaked letter written by Roger Hampson, Chief Executive, LB Redbridge

If they can have a Private Forum, so can we!